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Top 5 Highest Paid Lion NFTs 2022 – Lazy Lion Collection

Lazy Lion Collection

by Bored Animals NFT
Highest Paid Lion NFT

The cryptocurrency market has only seen growth in the last few years. Although the general market fluctuates a lot, the blockchain, in general, has gained worldwide popularity. People have begun raising their voices to integrate blockchain technology into various parts of their lives, including governments.

Protection of endangered species is one of the many things that millennials concentrate on. It is by far greater than what the previous generations had in terms of conservation. In this article, we will look at why animal NFTs are becoming popular among millennials.

What Are Animal NFTs?

NFTs are often referred to as non-fungible tokens and they can be collected by people by paying for them with cryptocurrencies. You cannot, however, have them copied or replaced. The animal NFTs are also known as crypto artworks.

They are very limited in number and are considered expensive possessions. Animal NFTs were created to raise awareness and funds for 10 critically endangered species. There have been a lot of funds created by using the millennials’ purchasing them.

One more the most popular animals in NFT world today, beside Apes are Lion NFTs. Some of those Lion themed NFT are sold for insane amount of money. So here we gonna list 5 most valuable Lion NFTs.

1. Lazy Lions #678

Lazy Lions #678

Lazy Lions #678

Lazy Lion collection is one of the most valuable collection of NFTs which is inspired by Lions. They count over 10.000 Lion themed NFTs. Which are more then a half already sold. So its obviouse that most exensive one will come from this collection. Lazy Lion #678 is sold for 99 ETH to epsYLon on October 1. 2021. If we take in calculation that ETH was worth around $3,300 we can value this NFT to $326,700.

2. Lazy Lions #9431

Lazy Lions #9431

Lazy Lions #9431

Another one from Lazy Lions NFT collection. Unlikly Lazy Lion #678 which is a Lion Cub, this NFT is full grown Lion with big golden mane. He doesnt have only his mane done in gold, this Lion is whole painted in pure gold.
Lazy Lion #9431 is sold for 79 ETH on 22. January 2022. The worth of 79 ETH on that day was $190,000 which is placed to be the worth of this Lion NFT.

3. Shumon, the Lion 111100003

Shumon, the Lion 111100003

Shumon, the Lion 111100003

Not the ussual type of NFT, this one is card nft from CryptoSpells. CryptoSpells is a mobile card game where players can earn virtual currency by playing. Each card will have its own value, and players can use the virtual currency to trade cards with other players. The virtual currency can be earned by winning tournaments, making the game more interesting and the cards more valuable.
With stats of Attack power 6 and deffense points 4 this card have legendary rarity and pretty hard to get or in this case expensive to buy. Shumon, the Lion was sold for 35 ETH on 2 years ago and since then this card is possesion of one man or a player of CryptoSpells.  Right now the price for this NFT is valued around $100,000.

4. Lazy Lions #2698

Lazy Lions #2698

Lazy Lions #2698

This NFT from Lazy Lions collection is one of the random generated ones. Since some of the randome gerenated NFT can get some unique traits this one is not left behind. Lazy Lion #2698 got same crazy traits which gives it a value. This NFT is sold for only 23 EHT, but current price is 32 ETH which is rougly $100,000
Traits of Lazy Lion #2698
BACKGROUND – Blue (3% have this trait)
BODY -Pink (3% have this trait)
BODYGEAR – Ranger Shirt (5% have this trait)
EARRING – Lion Head (3% have this trait)
EYES – Sleepy (10% have this trait)
HEADGEAR – Crown (1% have this trait)
MANE – Double Tied Up – Red (2% have this trait)
MOUTH – Tongue Out + Saliva (3% have this trait)

5. VeeFriends Logical Lion

VeeFriends Logical Lion

VeeFriends Logical Lion

This NFT comes from VeeFriends community which is published by Gary Vee. Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Internet personality. He is a co-founder of the restaurant reservation software company Resy and Empathy Wines. Among many animals which VeeFriends published this is one of the most valued ones. For now the most expensive VeeFriends NFT is Patient Panda NFT.
Logical Lion is sold for 22 ETH, and todays value is $70,000. This NFT is also random generated and all clothes and accessories are completly random. Some of those accessories have low chance of drop, just 0.15%

EDITION # -1 (22% have this trait)

EDITIONS – 1 Of 1 (12% have this trait)

OG BUYER – 0x1ad60130A2528C6f73A8C6e50758532949627DFD (0.15% have this trait)

OG PRICE – 3 ETH (11% have this trait)

ADJECTIVE – Logical (0.39% have this trait)

ANIMAL – Lion (0.39% have this trait)

CATEGORY – Mammal (44% have this trait)

CONFERENCE – Limited (46% have this trait)

CREATOR – VeeFriends (100% have this trait)

GROUP – Admission (92% have this trait)

PROPERTY – 1 Of 1 Art (12% have this trait)

PROPERTY – Cats (4% have this trait)

RARITY – Spectacular (11% have this trait)

SPECTACULAR – Bubble Gum (2% have this trait)

Fun Fact

Twitter boomed about Lion and Ape kissing that everybody ware thinging that Lazy Lions and Bored Ape Yacht Club are going to do collaboration. But that was just a rumor.


Unlike trading cryptocurrencies, buying animal NFTs has money going towards a good cause. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to think they are personally benefited by it. Despite the potential profits you can earn by selling them, you are constantly contributing to the preservation and conservation of wildlife.

The reasons we have listed above are the simple ones that have made animal NFTs relatively popular among millennials. Even if you do not belong to the millennials, you can still contribute to this good cause by purchasing animal NFTs as collectibles, starting from today. Every penny you spend on them will continuously serve the cause for years to come.