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Top 5 Highest Paid Panda NFTs 2022 – Panda NFT Collection

Panda NFT Collection

by Bored Animals NFT

As we all know NFT is kinda a big deal right now, and everybody is talking about it. The prices of those NFTs are varying from a couple of cents to millions of dollars. So as the story and news of NFT are spread, more and more people are spending their money on buying those. Some people are spending their life savings in hope that they will earn more money in a few months. Let’s say that this is the next bitcoin.

Some of the most popular NFT’s are Bored Apes Yacht Club, which is basically monkeys with accessories. Some of those accessories are not that usual and can be pretty crazy looking, while other ones are regular ones.

You can suppose that those regular ones are cheaper than those which are more uncommon and have crazy pieces of stuff on them. Stuff like hats, glasses, jewelry, and clothes. Even some of them have unnatural things, like cyber eye, angel looking face, etc.

As there are monkey NFT’s, there are other animals too, today we gonna cover some of Panda NFT’s. We will find some of the most expensive ones and try to present them and their current owners. So let’s begin.

1. Patient Panda

The Patient Panda is part of the NFT collection published by VeeFriends, it’s a simple NFT that looks like a kid drawing of a panda. But this NFT is the most paid Panda NFT and the price which was just paid by collector Kalish was 70 ETH, which is around $237.500 if you take in mind the current price of ETH. But the price of Ethereum on the date when it was bought was $1786, which is $125,000. Kalish owns over 1500 NFTs in his collection.

This purchase was made on 18 June 2021. about 7 months ago. Right now Kalish is asking for 690 Etherium (ETH), which comes to $2,230,857.49.

If he manages to sell this NFT for the price which is asking, it will give him a profit of almost 2 million dollars.

2. Patient Panda (Without background)

Patient Panda

Patient Panda

This NFT is the same as the previous one, except this one doesn’t have a background. The background is pure white which gives it a simpler and little better look than the previous Patient Panda.

This NFT was bought for 55 ETH about 2 months ago on 15. November 2021. At that time it was worth $251,625.

The collector of this NFT is LivApe which has only 123 collected NFT’s. Right now, this collector doesn’t want to sell this NFT and the price is unknown.

3. Paladin Panda#9507

Paladin Panda#9507 by Paladin Pandas

Paladin Panda#9507 by Paladin Pandas


First Panda NFT was not drawn by a kid. This one actually looks cool and it seems like it’s done by a professional publisher. The publisher of this NFT is Paladin Pandas which has 9,800 items published, which are almost all Pandas.

This NFT has 2 owners in the past, the first purchase was made by hhhhhjjad for 10 ETH, the next transfer was done to DA4C12 on 29. September 2021. for 15 ETH. The price of ETH on that date was $3.232 which sums it up to $49,845.

Today the price of 15 ETH is $47,775, so it needs to be sold for more than 15 ETH. Right now, the collector DA4C12 doesn’t offer this NFT for sale.

4. Paladin Panda#7858

Paladin Panda#7858

Paladin Panda#7858

Another NFT is part of the collection published by Paladin Panda. This NFT was purchased for 12,8 ETH on 28. September 2021 by collector 37784B. The price in USD on that date was $35,929.

This NFT is military aspirated with a chain of cubed toys with letters saying “Paladin”. It has a winter Russian hat with a red star on it. Regarding the weapon, it looks like a Coca-Cola loaded sword which is on fire. This Panda NFT even has a gold chain with the mark of the dollar.

5. Paladin Panda#9423

Paladin Panda#9423

Paladin Panda#9423

Last but not the worst is Paladin Panda#9423 NFT, which is another NFT owned by hhhhhjjad. He bought it on 29. September 2021 for 12,5 ETH which was worth $35,087. Tech Nomad aspired Panda NFT with the blue background looks amazing. Panda in nomad clothing with a tech-looking ax and some gadgets at the points of his ears just needs to gain value. The price which the collector is asking now is 15 ETH, when we convert it to USD it’s $46,788. If he manages to sell it for the asking price, that would be $11,700 profit in just 4 months.

Those are 5 5 Highest Paid Panda NFT at the current date. We will keep track of those transactions and purchases and if there are any updates we will keep you posted.

If you want to read about more animal NFT’s check our website homepage and leave us suggestions in the comments which NFT we need to analyze next.


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