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Logan Paul NFT collection 2022 – NFT Wallet Value

Logan Paul NFT

by Bored Animals NFT

The world around us changes so much and so rapidly, even with everything going on in the world in the past few years, and the advancements in the tech field are one of the main reasons for these changes, and lately, these accomplishments really change not only how we do certain things but our perceptions as well. Namely, digital assets entirely changed our perception of currencies, but that was just the beginning as the technology behind it all, the blockchain, is yet to change and shape the world we live in. Blockchain is already used in so many industries, and with new developments in this field, we should expect this trend to continue. Sometimes it can seem like there is no way to keep track of everything going on, but lately, one thing emerged as highly popular and valuable, and yeah, we are talking about NFTs.

What are NFTs?



The sole expression stands for a non-fungible token, meaning that there is a limited amount of those assets, which, understandably, has a vast influence on their value. NFTs are today used by artists who are now more focused on them rather than anything else, but the environmentalists also saw and used this new tool to raise awareness and gain funds for endangered animals, climate change, and other causes. Of course, all of this would be much more difficult to achieve if celebrities and influencers didn’t use and advertise them, which brings us to today’s topic. Namely, Logan Paul had a vast contribution to all this and also has a huge NFT collection, so let’s focus more on that now, but first, for all of you who still don’t know who Logan Paul is, let’s check some facts.

Who is Logan Paul?

logan paul impaulsive

logan paul impaulsive

Perhaps the best way to describe Logan’s influence and popularity is by stating that he is a social media personality, as it all started there. His social media app Vine was the first time the vast majority of people first heard about him, but when it all ended with the app, he started vlogging. His YT channel was a success, to say the least, and he did vlogs and posts on many different subjects, entertaining people and gaining more viewers. Today, he is even famous for his boxing career, as he really put some effort into it and earned himself a date with one of boxing’s biggest names, Floyd Mayweather. Of course, it was an exhibition boxing match that lasted whole eight rounds with no winner, as per exhibition rules.

How did it all start?



Now, when we have learned more about NFTs and know more about Logan Paul NFT Collection, it is time to mention how he started his collection and what is the first NFTs he has bought. It all started with the World of Women Collection, which was created to promote the empowerment of women in the world. Logan bought a few of them and started his journey. Of course, it didn’t take much for the NFTs to take over and become globally popular, but the interesting fact about Paul is that he was kind enough and offered publicly to give one of the tokens to Reese Witherspoon because the woman on it reminded him of her. He is the owner of 38 World of Women tokens, and the one he already sold attracted a lot of media attention because of the extremely high price. That was also a huge boost to an already popular topic, but it was also only a beginning.

In addition to the Logan Pauls NFT collection

0n1 force

0n1 force

It is difficult to mention every token from Logan’s NFT collection because it is often changing since he is buying and selling them all the time, but there are some of them worth mentioning. Besides the impressive World of Women collection, we need to mention that at the end of the past year, he had almost 140 different tokens, or to be precise, 139 of them. It is a pretty considerable amount of NFTs, but among all of them, two of them have the highest value. Now, the two of the most valuable ones are 0N1 Force and White Grumpy Genesis Mooncat NFTs, which not only have a high price but they are also pretty rare and difficult to find. When it comes to 0N1 Force tokens, it is almost impossible to imagine that all of them were sold in a few minutes, and Paul owns one of them. Another one, White Grumpy Genesis Mooncat, is the part of the first NFT Collection, Mooncat Rescue, and it is literally a part of the history, which is the reason why Logan spent a lot of money to own one of them.

Plans for the future



Logan is not only a collector, since he tried to make a change to the NFT market by starting its own project named CryptoZoo, which point was to buy eggs, wait for exotic animals to hatch from them, and own them in the NFT form. When the person decides to buy one of the eggs, they can trade them and earn some money or choose to bread them. In the beginning, many people had been convinced that these NFTs were a scam, and many people avoided buying them. But even besides that, all of them were sold in a few seconds, and there were 10,000 of them. Because of the success of the first project, Paul has plans for the future, and it is almost certain that he will become the trademark for “Originals by Logan Paul” and “Originals DAO.” For those who do not know what does this term refers to, it is an entity based on blockchain technology and known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is a collective that is made up of NFT bros or the organization in which all the members need to agree to strict rules and regulations.

Final Thoughts

From everything mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that both NFTs and Logan are yet to surprise us, but if we focus solely on NFTs, well, the future surely looks bright. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news about NFT, Crypto, and Metaverse, check https://nftplazas.com/, and find all the info you may need or want.


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