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How to Buy NFT Art Finance – 2022 Guidelines and Tips

NFT Art Finance

by Bored Animals NFT

In the last period, NFT art finance becomes a huge trend worldwide. However, the problem regarding this is that nobody actually talks about how you can buy NFT art finance. We are witnesses that technology rapidly changed all aspects of our lives as well the way we perceive the world. One of the interesting innovations is that people actually can buy art online and have the opportunity to visit virtual galleries. Creators of art are now betting on blockchain technology and NFT. You are probably confused about this whole concept and this is why prepared the article that will help you understand NFT art finance as well as the ways you can buy it.

What is exactly NFT Art Finance?

We freely can say that NFT Art Finance presents a completely new cryptocurrency brand that functions by using Binance Smart Chain in order to execute the code. Generally, NFT Art Finance is creating a new way of the marketplace for artists all around the world that can promote, mint, and sell NFTs – non-fungible tokens. The token is explained as hyper deflationary. This is currently a very popular term that company is using to redirect the attention away from the fact how much the tokenomics is compared to a pyramid scheme. In case you want to sell your NFTART tokens, you are going to be charged a fee of 10%. Half of this is burnt and the other half of it is distributed among NFTART token holders.

How you can Buy NFT Art Finance (NFTART)?

Let’s introduce you to the concept of how you can buy NFT art finance through the steps you can follow. This easy and convenient guide will help you on that path.

Opening the Binance account


Binance Register

The crucial thing that you need to do is to open a Binance account. First, you are going to buy any tokens on Pancakesway which are considered as Binance tokens. The most effective and easiest way to follow this step and buy BNB is through Binance’s exchange. This means that you will need to make your own account with the trading platform in case you already do not have the account.

The next step that is waiting for you is making a Binance account, which is a very easy and fast procedure. You will just need to put your email address and think about what password you are going to use. That is all – your Binance account is created. However, depending on your location and the place you are living in, you will maybe need to verify the account before you start with the investing journey. In general, some of the common details that are required for U.S cryptocurrency investors are your home address, our driver’s license number, and the Social Security number

Once you complete the verification process, you are able to buy BNB tokens. You should know that the Binance token is trading over $500 right now, however, you will be able to buy a small fraction of the token if that is what you want and what you can afford. Additionally, you need to buy as many BNB tokens as you can to invest in NFT Art Finance, since you are going to swap these tokens for previously mentioned NFTART tokens.

Downloading the Trust Wallet

Some of you are probably introduced to the concept of a trust wallet. Generally, it represents a free cryptocurrency wallet that has been made by Binance. You can download it very easily through the app store on your mobile device whether it is Android or iOS. This software wallet is considered a multicurrency wallet, which means that you can store a wide range of different cryptocurrencies you like such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and the one we are talking about – NFTART tokens. This trust wallet supports NFTs, so you can store crypto-collectibles in the same location where you are storing your cryptocurrency investments.

After you have successfully downloaded Trust Wallet, you are going to be able to send your BNB tokens to the mobile app. You should know that there are actually different types of these BNB tokens, which means that you need to pay attention to using the correct token address. If you are not careful enough, your funds can be lost forever and surely you do not want to experience that kind of scenario. Moreover, we want to tell you that it is necessary to note the difference between Binance Coin and Binance SMart Chain as well as ERC-20 BNB coins because they are using different token addresses than the Binance Coin you have.

Swapping Your BNB Tokens

Binance coin

Binance coin

After you send BNB tokens to your Trust Wallet, you can expect that the coins are going to be credited to your account. For using Pancakeswap, you are going to need to get familiar with Binance’s Smart Chain, since this Binance’s blockchain is providing smart contracts. When you want to swap your BNB tokens, you need to select primarily your BNB tokens in your trust wallet, and then tap on the button that says more. After that, you can click on the button – swap to the smart chain. And that is it!

Connecting Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap

Finally, you are now able to connect Pancakeswap to your Trust Wallet, this is an actually necessary step in order to buy NFTART tokens. For completing this procedure, you need to navigate to the DApps tab in your trust wallet. In case you have the iOS version of the trust wallet account, you will need to search for Pancakeswap by entering Pancakeswap.finance in the search line. On the other hand, if you own the Android model of trust wallet, you will see that Pancakeswap is displayed on the screen as the option.

Making the purchase

Now, we came to the purchasing process. This means that your Trust wallet is connected with Pancakeswap, so you can buy any Binance Smart Chain tokens through your wallet that you want. In general, the most famous BSC tokes are currently Safemoon and NFTART Finance, however, we are aware of the fact that every day new cryptocurrencies are innovated on Binance’s smart contract network. For the process of buying tokens on Pancakesway, you just need to search for the token you are interested in buying. In our case, you are going to search for NFTART to find NFT Art Finance tokens. Once you swap your BNB smart chain tokens for NFTART tokens, the crypto will be automatically sent to your Trust Wallet through the smart contracts o the Pancakeswap.

You can trade, Sell and Convert your NFTART Tokens
In case you are interested in trading, selling, or converting your NFTART Tokens, you can visit NFY.Finance and find everything you need to know about these procedures effectively.

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