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Which NFT Are Good to Buy as a Beginner in 2022?

Tips for Beginners in NFT world

by Bored Animals NFT
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We are noticing that the growth of the NFT market during the last year was incredibly huge since so many investors decided to try the new trend of owning digital art. The popularity of this trend will only experience exponential in a big manner in this year.

There are truly no signs that investment in NFT will stop since the value of NFTs and the benefits of owning this kind of assets are popular more and more by each day. Keeping that in mind, we are going to discuss the best NFT that you can consider buying in 2022, with a detailed review of the new and trendy digital assets currently on the market.

We are seeing that there are truly millions of NFTs that are selling and new ones are launching on daily basis. Therefore, it is good to have a guide on which NFT project you should invest in. However, if you are aware of the fact that the NFT trend is enormous and it is still in expansion, it is safe to say that this type of asset is and it will be very appreciated.

Noodles NFT

Noodles are considered as a community-led derivate project and it is based on the Doodles NFT project concept. In general, if you are interested to find out what is the number of the noodle NFTs collection, you will be surprised to hear that it includes 5 555 digital artwork. This project actually highlights the Doodles trains in order to design noodle NFTs that can compare the authentic Doodles. The overall project is built from Ramen Noodle holders.

Since this is the first official derivate of Doodles that are approved through their bank, this community puts a huge effort to make things easier for WEB3 beginners in terms of transition to this innovative space. Their brand goal is to create both WEB2 and WEB3 ways of experiencing through memes and food. Space Noodles are actually beyond this world and were created for the purpose of finding great food in the galaxy. They designed even food ships with materials that are found in the Boodle World.

Cyber Gorilla NFT
Cuber Gorilla

Cyber Gorillas Official is referring to a Non-fungible token collection of digital artwork that is stored on the blockchain. surprisingly, their collection of digital arts is incredibly huge with more than 3, 320 cyber gorillas’ Offical NFTs. At this moment, we can say that more that there are more than 400 owners that have at least one of these Cyber Gorillas Official NFTs in their digital wallets.

Their first low supply P2E NFT project has very good features including an aggressive deflationary mechanism, stable tokenomics as well as the diverse rewarding ecosystem across the whole universe of the CyberGorilla. A person’s NFTs can accumulate a utility token called GRILLA when they are staked in the smart contract. The mentioned token does not have some other function despite the one within the Cyber Gorillas ecosystem.

Therefore, as you can conclude it can not be purchased from Cyber Gorillas Developers. These developers do not offer or even do not have the intention to offer a secondary marketplace for GRILLA tokens. In general, Cyber Gorillas Official NFTs come with a total sales volume of $79.57k and their average price for NFT is $1.2k.

Cyber Pharmacy NFT
Cuber Pharmacy

Cyber pharmacy NFT comes with unique secrets of medical and psychedelic plants. Ancient compounds included in these plants are providing huge potential benefits to the digital wallet. Cyber Pharmacy is created by Arkane, which as you may know is a branding development team that has only one main focus that refers to health and wellness. Over the recent years, Arkane made several USA-s top cannabis as well as wellness brands that are very popular.

The goal of the Cyber Pharmacy is to create a very special community that will truly understand the purpose of their project and the mission that they are conducting. Therefore, we can conclude that Cyber Pharmacy is more than just art, instead, it teaches us and educates us to seek the truth in a world where lies and deception leads. This means that only true knowledge has power.

Cyber pharmacists are considered as a team of digital rebels because as we mentioned, their purpose is to serve humanity in a new way, through blockchain technology. They have special private marketplace access for the users and their brand truly has significant value.

Meta Travelers NFT
Meta Travelers NFT

Meta Travelers include a wide range of different Avatars from the Nibiru that are offered from top software developer Ethereum, which are performing within the ERC-721 standards. Their collection comes with 7777 Avatars. In general, MetaTravelers offer 3D wearable Avatars that create random features that are shared among the huge collection. These wearable Avatars could be minted to produce money on Somnium Space, Decentraland, and other places.

Additionally, we can say that MetaTravelers NFT collaborates with top artists, developers as well as creators in order to design a unique world of guilds where they will include Theora and Nova. They are going to be launched this year and you can expect that each guild will have a specific group of Meta Travelers from lengthy-distance existence. Interestingly, the founder was not familiar to the public. However, we can freely say that this community expands and grows very fast.

The guilds from MetaTravelers are operating independently, however, they are benefiting from each other when the overall community of Meta Travelers join forces and creates an extensive network through special Metaverse.

House of Legends NFT
House Of Legends

Finally, House of Legends’ non-fungible token collection is one more digital artwork stored on the blockchain that you consider investing in. In total, there are surprisingly 9 993 this kind of tokens. At this moment, there are more than 3 000 owners that they are having at least one of the House of Legends NFT in their digital wallet. Their total sales volume is $53.34k.

When it comes to the owner of this NFT it is Amit Shimoni creates an extraordinary adventure by gathering the world’s greatest minds. Best of all is that Legend Holders will have their own digital Fine Art Museum with a very exclusive collection.

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