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10 Trending NFT Projects 2022 – Best Selling So Far

Best NFT to Buy as Beginner

by Bored Animals NFT
NFT projects

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographically assignable and provable identifier for digital products. The NFTs are currently trending and are being sold to tens of millions of dollars. To be more clear, in the first six months of 2022, the NFT sales reached $2.5 billion.

As of now, there are many people who have started showing interest in NFT buying and selling methods.

Introduction To NFT

An NFT can be anything that can be transformed into a digital aspect. Sketches, portraits, films, GIFs, songs, in-game objects, photos, selfies, and even a message can be converted into NFTs. In addition to that, they can be traded online using crypto coins.

One thing that makes NFTs different from other digital aspects is that non-fungible tokens are supported by Blockchain technology, which is a decentralized ledger that registers all transactions. It is a little similar to a bank account, but the primary difference is that your transactions are transparent and visible to anybody. Besides that, they can not be edited or updated after they have been recorded.

NFTs are achieving a lot of fame these days since they work as a great strategy to show off and market your digital art. NFTs were first introduced in 2015, and since then, hundreds to billions of dollars have been expended on NFTs. In addition to that, Terra Nulius is known to be the first NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain.

However, this Terra Nulius NFT project was just an indication that enabled users to personalize a short statement that was subsequently recorded on the blockchain. After that, in 2017, Curio Cards, CryptoCats, and CryptoPunks came into existence before NFTS gradually gained public exposure. Eventually, NFTs came to mainstream use in the initial months of 2021.

Brief Explanation On How NFTs Work


source: blog.cryptoflies.com

Several NFTs are established and stored on the Ethereum network. However, there are other blockchains like Tezos and Flow, which also aid NFTs. As anybody can look at the blockchain, the ownership of the NFT can be assessed with ease and traceable as well. However, the individual or company who holds the token can remain anonymous.

You can make various types of digital products as non-fungible tokens. For example, gaming items, paintings, images, or videos from a live report can be tokenized. As of now, NBA Top Shots is one of the biggest NFT market platforms. The file size of the digital commodity does not count as it stays distinct from the blockchain, but the non-fungible token that confers ownership is added to the blockchain.

The copyright or license rights may or may not come with the investment. It is relatively similar to buying a limited-edition print which does not imply that you have exclusive rights to the picture. NFTs could have a wide range of applications outside the art world if the related technology and concept improve.

For instance, an education establishment could give an NFT to pupils who have completed a grade, which makes it easy for employers to validate an applicant’s education. Another example is that a platform can utilize NFTs to sell and trace tickets, possibly reducing resale crime.

Top 10 Present Trends And Best Selling NFT Projects

Here, we have listed the top 10 NFT projects which are currently trending and have a high buying rate.

1. Baby Doodle Art NFT

Lil Baby Doodles

img source: amazonaws.com

The Baby Doodle Art project is an Ethereum Blockchain collection of 8,999 doodles drawn by hand. Every NFT has its own set of characteristics that distinguish it from the others. If you have a Baby Doodle, you can get instant access to the services and benefits given to only members.

You can mint Baby Doodle Art NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, and every token is created at random from the supply of hundreds of hand-drawn characteristics. In addition to that, there are no Baby Doodles that are identical. Each piece is unique, having its own color scheme and design.

Baby Doodle Art compilation was developed by a skilled team of trained blockchain specialists, software developers, and creative artists who were very detailed about the quality of the Baby Doodles. The project manager was Noah, Liam was the lead developer, and Elijah was the primary artist. The total number of non-fungible tokens for one transaction is limited to 15.

2. Castle Kid NFT

castle kid nft

img source: castlekidnft.com

The Castle Kid (“CK”) is another trending NFT project that is focused on promoting a community around intellectual property and brand creation. They applaud following one’s dreams and embracing one’s imagination. They have a group of seasoned operators with a vision to develop IP for the future generation.

The creator of this project is Colin Tilley, with Sterling Campbell as the Project Lead and Mike Bohannon as the Head of the Community. Along with them, artists, engineering developers, and other NFT creators took part in this project.

Castle Kid NFT is ruled by the DAO and the members of the community make decisions. After that, the token holders will vote on them. In terms of implementation, the project heads will regulate operations and carry out any ideas, and encourage the team’s assistance.

3. Diamond Dogs NFT

diamond dogs nft

img source: wp.com

Diamond Dogs is a productive NFT project on the Solana blockchain that creates the Doggoverse. Here, you can play $BONES as a Degenerate Dog. The total token supply accounts for 4444, and the cost of each token gets about 0.15 SOL. The Doggoverse Utility Token is $BONES.

A fully-fledged economy is the backbone of the DOGGOVERSE, thanks to the application of tokenomics ($BONES). They would provide utility right away, and as soon as the mint process shuts down, you will start obtaining $BONES. There are different utility pillars that help the Diamond Dogs NFT community.

4. Colony Online NFT

Colony Online NFT

img source: wixstatic.com

Colony Online NFT is the first and most significant Blockchain MMO (massively multiplayer online game) on the Ethereum network. What makes it unique is the fact that all the playable identities and in-game objects are NFTs with upgradable and custom-built metadata. It implies that the in-game characters and things will survive as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with traits that may be changed on-chain.

A total of 10 percent of the first airdrop for holders was performed in September 2021. They airdrop early concept art NFTs for various sections of the game map to Colonist holders. It is one per every wallet. The token and NFT staking launch will take place in the upcoming month of April 2022.

You can stake your non-tangible tokens in their competitive staking dashboard in order to begin receiving Cloning Serums, Utility Token, and various items. They will be necessary for the eventual launch of their next-gen Blockchain MMO Colony Online. There has been a rumor around that Logan Paul might buy one for himself. But for now it’s only a rumor, and if you are interested you check Logan Paul NFT.

5. AKC Pets NFT


img source: twimg.com

In this NFT project, there will be a total of 309 characteristics. In addition to that, there are some traits that are more limited and rare than others. A total of 12K AKC Pets NFT are minted for free as presents. It is revealed that about four easter egg characteristics are kept inside the NFTs. All those four qualities are relatively rare and give a glimpse of the upcoming plans for the Ape Kids Club.

There are some TV hints that this project might have Ape Kids Multiverse. It is said that AKC is on the way to keeping a 3D and animated version. The market cap of these tokens is 432.36 ETH, and the present 24-hour volume is 3.71 ETH. The total number of people holding these tokens is 4,195.

6. Savage Koala NFT

Savage Koala NFT

img source: jutsume.com

The latest NFT collection to climb the NFT metaverse and Twitter is the collection of 10,000 secret agent koalas. Attention in the initiative began ahead similar to the NFT ventures. Only on August 23rd, a total of 10,000 koalas were minted in record speed.

On August 24th, after the unveiling of the minted Koalas, several users began to proudly display their freshly obtained NFTs on Twitter. Since its inception, the Koalas have attracted the interest of primary NFT celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk and Faze Banks. Due to that, they amassed over 4,000 owners and gained much-coveted awareness.

The Savage Koala NFT creative artwork of the koalas is one of the collection’s main pros, giving quick interest to the collection with different clothing, skins, colorways, and other accessories. The colorful koalas surely are attractive and are becoming the favorite choice as a profile photo on Twitter and Discord.

7. X-consoles NFT

X-consoles NFT

img source: googleusercontent.com

Here, there are a total of 1,000 pixelated consoles and the other 50 are Genesis consoles. You can participate together with them in constructing the decentralized steam of P2E with the X-Console. When the X-Console NFT are staked in a reasonable agreement, they may collect $Game in specific scenarios.

Outside of the X-Consoles environment, $Game has no use and cannot be acquired from X-Console creators. Because of the unique owners who have staked all of their X-Consoles, the estimates and other stats on the trading platform do not indicate genuine unique ownership.

The X-Consoles are part of a single OpenSea staking wallet. In addition to that, there are about 500 different owners who have X-Consoles. There are about 1000 items, and these tokens are owned by 47 different owners. In addition to that, the floor price is 1.19, and the entire volume traded is 3.3K.

8. Graduation Bear NFT

Graduation Bear NFT

img source: twimg.com

On the Ethereum Blockchain, 10,000 bears were formed at random. Each Bear is inspired by Kanye West’s musical era. In addition to that, the Bear is tailored to Ye’s unique fits from 2002 to till now. Every Bear is reminiscent of a sound from across the career, remembering its own history and individuality.

The total price to get one Graduation Bear NFT is 0.069 ETH. This project consists of Brent as the Lead Developer, Cartier as the Copy and Consulting lead, and Iroh as marketing and community management head along with several other developers. You can read more about bear related NFTs.

9. Crewmate NFT

Crewmate NFT

img source: googleusercontent.com

The initial 1000 characters have already been listed at a discounted rate. This project is fantastic, one-of-a-kind, and has an extraordinary 20,000 character Crewmate NFT collection, which resembles the prominent online multiplayer game with over 500 million participants.

There are six varieties of characters in the collection, such as aliens, zombies, ghosts, skinless, impostor, normal. Besides that, the collection contains currency teams such as Binance and different SR characters. This project includes a variety of features, such as cool masks, Skinless, crypto holding (BTC, BNB, ETH), fashionable accessories, and others.

Users can play games on the site with their characters and obtain the governance token in exchange. Some games will be specific, which means that only particular types of people will be able to play them. In addition to that, 7% of tokens have the brown color characteristic. Coming to the balloon head, only 1% retain this trait. A total of 93% have normal-type tokens.

10. Redacted Club NFT

Redacted Club NFT

img source: webflow.com

The Redacted Club is made up of 1337 Redacted Rabbit NFTs. They are one-of-a-kind digital treasures that live on the Secret Network. Redacted Rabbits, which use the Secret Network’s private-by-default agreements have some traits that set them apart from NFTs on other blockchains.

You will have sole access to the personal metadata storage in every rabbit. Apart from that, you also possess whole ownership of the NFT. This metadata is utilized by the Rabbit as a membership card for the Redacted Club NFT and a key to upcoming secrets and dilemmas that will be revealed later on.

Bottom Line

With prior and in-depth research, we have curated this list of the trending and best-selling non-fungible tokens you can buy right now. If you are interested, you can buy any NFT, and the primary requirement is that you must have a crypto wallet. In addition to that, there is no need to fulfill KYC in order to acquire art. Make sure to have a working cryptocurrency wallet and pick an ideal NFT marketplace to purchase and sell non-fungible tokens.

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